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GrowBLOX: Why this Company is One to Watch this Year

I’ve been watching the marijuana sector in the public arena since inception and this year alone, there have been quite a bit of new companies entering the space.  Several weeks ago I highlighted one that I feel could have very strong potential to move more aggressively into the market than others simply based on its current business strategy and relationships within the industry.  GrowBLOX Sciences (G B L X) has caught the attention of the masses and has begun to carve out its own niche within the medical marijuana market.

Several highlights have included

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Prohibition: A fight Fought by Mass Media; will They Win Again?

The big “buzz” around the United States is ending the Federal Ban on Marijuana. Currently, Colorado and Washington live among those states that have had success in legalization initiatives for recreational use. Furthermore, advocates argue that Marijuana is out of place in its classification of “illegal”. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I Drug. In other words, a substance or chemical that is defined as a drug without accepted medical use and has an increased potential for abuse (United States Drug Enforcement Administration, 2014). Schedule I drugs are consider to be the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules. We’re talking things like...

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